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How to prepare for GATE entrance exam?

The Graduate Admission Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India entrance examination for applicants who are interested in pursuing Masters/Direct PhD in India or Abroad. If your aim is to gain admission in best institutes like IIT, NIT, IISC etc. or a job in Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) you need to strive hard.
1. The First Step: 
  • First of all know total information i.e. its pattern, eligibility, syllabus etc.
  • Set your mind for the preparation. By reading the preparation strategies you would get a clear idea on the exam modalities. You need to implement the guidelines given in this article with whole hearten efforts.
  • If you are currently doing your degree/recently completed it, you are already in touch with the study environment and concepts & topics. Use it to your advantage.
2. Choose Proper Books and Resource:
  • Selection of books is very important. Ensure you have chosen the right material and books by consulting your faculty at your coaching institute or college. 
  • Buy and solve previous year question papers so that you can get a proper understanding about the paper pattern. Since GATE 2014 comes with the new online pattern for the first time, you need to refer to the old pattern resources at the moment for previous year analysis.
3. Planning your study well:
  • GATE covers roughly 3-4 years of engineering syllabus (subjects and concepts of First year come as part of the application) so some subjects have a higher weight-age when compared to others.
  • Analyze the level of command you have on the subjects and the focus area subjects depending on your respective branch. Keep the GATE 2014 syllabus handy and plan your timetable as per the syllabus only. Note that even if a subject with lower weight age contributes to the question paper.
4. Management of syllabus and topics:
  • Never ignore any specific subjects completely whatever the reason that may be. The moment you build this negative mindset you will be unable to cover those subjects till the end. 
  • Allocate some amount of time for each subject so that you can cover every subject. You need to cover each and every topic of the syllabus thoroughly as the syllabus is huge and questions can appear from anywhere.
5. Prepare concise notes and ready to revise material:
  • Always while preparing each chapter keep short notes of it which you can revise later on. They will be very helpful in the last 30 days since revising directly from the book would be difficult.
  • Making notes is as per your choice it may be done by- underlining the important details, highlighting the key points, having a separate notebook for key information and formulae, making flash cards for formulae and key points, short forms or remembering the details with the initials of a song or any other new way which makes you learn the topics in perfect and easy way!
6. Frequently test yourself:
  • Once you are done with a topic/subject, refer to the GATE previous year papers and check your capability in that subject. Don’t refer to solutions after one failed attempt. Give 2-3 attempts before you decide to refer to the solutions.
  • If you feel you are still weak in some subjects and can be improved with revision don’t ignore it start preparing yourself in the best way.
7. Analyze where you stand in Mock Tests:
  • Enrolling for some Test Series will help you to have a regular check mechanism of where you stand which will be self analysis and will help you to know the areas that demand more efforts.
  • If you have not enrolled for any test series with an institute you may apply for the same online or purchase a book/CD/DVD for self practice. Be honest to yourself because if you are doing it at home you are not being monitored by any one. You may ask your parents to ensure you have a peaceful silent environment for the test.
  •  You can analyze your performance in mock tests and understand the topics you were not able to attempt or on those that you spent a lot of time in solving.
8. Complete the preparation on time:
  • One of the very important things is completing your syllabus on time. Avoid being in a situation where you miss some chapters or a subject completely. Plan your studies accordingly and time it well.
  • You need to complete your syllabus 45 days before Exam date. Start solving sample papers and Mock Examination frequently during this period. Revise all the topics in first 30 days of this 45 Day timeline.
  • In the last 15 days solve GATE previous year questions and attempt more mock papers.
9. Time Management-The Success Mantra:
  • Time Management is the major aspect which is very complex. Did you make timetables in the past? how many times did you strictly follow them?
  • If your answer is NO, points given below tell you how to do plan properly for GATE 2014.
  • Make a month-wise plan as of what topics you will be covering and when. If you have joined some coaching institute, they will give you a schedule as well.
  • If you have not joined any classes, there is nothing to panic. Make your own plan. To ensure you are doing it right or just to make yourself feel better, discuss with your friends who have joined some coaching and compare the same.
  • Make a daily timetable and paste it on the wall exactly in front of the table you study.
10. Cut off time from less important activities:
  • Find out the less needed activities such as sleeping overtime, TV, internet, parties etc. That’s okay if you skip these activities or reduce the time you spent on them for the goal you are working.
  • Stop using the internet beyond the limit i.e. 2 hours are more than sufficient to track any exam updates, surf internet, use Facebook or for other recreational activities. Also, it’s not a rule to watch a movie every weekend! If you have that habit, put a pause on it for that particular year. It will give you proper time to manage your studies.
Keep a Note: It is not tough to crack GATE! All you need is a certain level of commitment and dedication. Give GATE 2014 Preparation in your best way. We wish you All The Best…

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