Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five advantages of entering PSU through GATE

Are you an engineering graduate who dreams of a good working environment, a decent paycheck, a bright future and job security? If yes, then you would be aware that all of these are offered at the PSUs (the Public Sector undertakings). You would know that many PSUs are hiring through GATE – the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), which is the entrance for the PG courses in Engineering at the IITs and many good universities. Clearing GATE with a good percentile is a direct gateway to the PSUs, and of course, everyone is aware of the fact that employees working with these undertakings are highly paid and enjoy various privileges as well.
At present, 14 PSUs are recruiting engineers through GATE. Major PSUs like NTPC, HPCL, BHEL, and many others consider GATE as the best qualifying exam for recruiting in engineering jobs. Even the research institutes like BARC seek scientists through GATE. GATE scores are the benchmarks for recruitment in the top government units. As a result, an obvious rising interest can be seen among budding engineers, which is making them more inclined towards clearing GATE rather than applying for an MBA degree.
Know the top 5 advantages of entering PSU through GATE: 
1.      Recruiting the Best Talent:
The biggest advantage for PSUs that they get to recruit from the biggest pool of talent, i.e., qualified candidates through GATE. Candidates clearing this national entrance exam are among the top aspirants because of their proven sharp analytical and decision-making abilities. Such candidates are in a way the ‘cream’ of the engineering domain. PSUs recruiting through GATE get the chance to recruit such talented candidates as their employees.
2.      Advantage of a Single Exam:
PSUs hiring through GATE saves a lot of their time and effort. GATE is a single exam that tests the candidates on their respective engineering discipline as well as the analytical and decision-making abilities. Students qualifying in this entrance exam have to know their subject well. Thus, PSUs can be sure that they will get the best candidates to select from. All this, with a single exam- GATE !
3.      Credibility of an Online Exam:
GATE is an online exam, which means that the results will be reliable. It is believed that the exam process is completely transparent. Moreover, this entrance exam is conducted by IITs, which makes the whole procedure unquestionable.
4.      Dual Advantage for Students:
Clearing GATE can be considered advantageous for engineering students who are desirous to enter PSUs. Because of this entrance exam, a lot of time is saved by candidates as they do not have to prepare separately for different exams of each company. They just need to practice for a single exam pattern. On qualifying the exam, there are two options in front of them, both of which are equally good. Either they can go for post graduation or, they can opt for a job in PSUs.
Candidates need to prepare from the engineering syllabus of their under-graduation or B. Tech which is a dual advantage so they don’t really need to check for extra material and they can study for GATE to get a direct entry to a good PSU. 
5.      Job Security, Good Package and other Benefits:
Being employed by one of the premier PSUs of the country directly means a good decent pay cheque, alluring perks, medical facilities, and most importantly, security of job. The pay packages in PSUs generally range from 5 lakhs to 12 lakhs, which is pretty good for aspirants coming under the general age limit of 25-28 years specified separately by each PSU. 
GATE has become more than just an entrance exam. The PSU Recruitment has increased its popularity that the number of annual GATE applications was 9.85 lakhs in 2013, making it one of the most important entrance exams in the country for the engineering students.  Cracking it is surely a GATE way to success!

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